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Young Adult Class

Church of the Brethren

"Dunker Punks"
Young Adult Sunday School Class

A "Dunker Punks", according to Jarrod McKenna, is a young person whom has become a member of a rebellious counter cultural tradition that radically commits their life to living God’s cavalry shaped love in the power of the spirit to the glory of the father.

In order to be a “dunker punk” one must be an active, radical follower of Jesus. This distinction is only given to those that have stepped forward in their faith and taken up the cross of Jesus. A dunker is merely being baptized in the Brethren church. A “dunker punk” is being baptized and letting it drive your life towards our God.

Church of the Brethren Young adult sunday school class

Jarrod McKenna is a full-time pastor at West City Church in Australia. Additionally, he dedicates much of his time to being an important leader in the program, World Vision Australia’s Advisor for Youth, Faith, Activism, and Activists Trained. Through his work in this program, Jarrod has earned a national peace award.

Church of the Brethren Young adult sunday school class trip

Our class consists of high school graduates through those around the age of 26. Our meetings are held downstairs on Sunday mornings. The class consists of media based lessons that explain and teach faith on a more personal approach. The video’s message is then further discussed through a conversation that follows directly after.

Church of the Brethren Young adult sunday school class

During the last Sunday of each month, we hold the 3D lesson. 3D stands for Dunkar De-stress and Devotion. During this time, the class will meet to open with devotion and then follow by opening up creativity through the love of coloring. Soft gospel music is played in the background as the class colors and discusses current issues locally and internationally.

Church of the Brethren Young adult sunday school class teacher
Michele Means, Teacher

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